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Pictures and GPS coordinates for the entire Lewis and Clark Trail are available from the author.

This extensive collection of Lewis and Clark photography took the author eight years and 52,000+ miles of travel along the Lewis and Clark Trail. Photography includes hundreds of Lewis and Clark campsites, sites that members of the Expedition documented in their 8,000+ miles of travels between 1803 and 1806. This is the most extensive library of photography ever made of the Lewis and Clark Trail.

The author was formerly in the software business and spent three years in military intelligence plotting enemy movement that contributed to this project of documenting the Lewis and Clark Trail. After selling his business the author traveled extensively on the Lewis and Clark Trail. In 1999 he accidentally stumbled across a series of remote Lewis and Clark Trail markers in Montana, and this interest developed into these extensive travels and two books: "Lewis and Clark Trail, Today", a collection of 1,200 photographs and a narrative about the Trail. The book now includes "Lewis and Clark, Tracks", a detail travel log of the daily events, the location of 587 campsites and 1,000's of other sites mentioned in the Lewis and Clark Journals, now including the GPS coordinates of these sites and is a must for anyone considering traveling part or all of the actual Lewis and Clark Trail. The photographs and GPS coordinates are based on the Journals of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark which were published in 1809. Released on Dec. 31, 2014.............the first 1,000 copies are on sale for $49.95.

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There are currently 20,100 views of these pictures each month..Thanks for the Interest.
8/22/2013 Posted 40 pictures of the Lewis and Clark Journals under "Lives after the Expedition".
4/15/2012 - Visited grave site of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.
416/2012 - Accidentally found the route of John Colter's entrance into Yellowstone.(amazing)
4/17/2012 - Visited Clark campsites from Bozeman to Miles City, Montana.
3/25/2012 - at the confluence of the Snake & Columbia River (aka Sacajawea State Park).

1). Pic's posted 12/07/11 - Site of where keelboat was built - Elizabeth, Pennsylvania - with a builder's name.
2). Birthplace of Locust Hill - Lewis family birthplace and plantation - Ivy, Virginia.
3). Fort Massac - campsite and place George Douillard (Drewyer) was hired.
4). Tavern Cave (or Rock) very difficult to find. Site where Lewis nearly fell to his death, just a few days into the Expedition.
5). Finally found the campsite at the confluence of Ohio and Mississippi River. Very historical site.

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1) Meriwether Lewis's Planning

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2) Tools, Supplies and Boats

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3) Let the Journey Begin

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4) Marias River Confluence

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5) Great Falls and the Portage

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6) Three Forks Decision

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7) Lemhi Pass and Lost Trail Pass

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8) Bitterroot Mountains and Lolo Trail

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9) Clearwater, Snake & Columbia Rivers

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10) Cape Disappointment

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11) Fort Clatsop - Oregon

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12) Returning Home - The Plan

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13) Death of the Expedition Members

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14) Lives After the Expedition

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Smug Preview

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